Israeli-Palestinian International
Economic Forum

February 21-22, Jerusalem

Presented By:

Judea Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry

U.S. Israel Education Association

In collaboration with:
Milken Innovation Center – Jerusalem Institute
Eastern R&D Center

Judea Samaria is poised to emerge as the region’s most innovative economy. The Judea Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry is launching a development initiative that will identify business opportunities in the region. We invite business leaders with an interest in Israeli and Palestinian economic development to join us.

Wednesday, February 20
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem

Financial Innovation Symposium

Developing Innovative Models for
Regional Business Opportunities
Keynote Address:
Mr. Eli Cohen, Minister of the Economy and Industry
8:30 –  Registration

9:00 –  Opening Remarks

9:10 –  Eli Cohen, Minister of the Economy and Industry: Regional Economic Development in Judea Samaria

9:40 – Regional Development Financial Initiative – Judea Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry

10:00 – Enterprise Finance Part 1: Tech, Industry, and Energy 

11:15 – Enterprise Finance Part 2: Tourism

12:30 – Lunch

1:15 – Financing Models and Development Opportunities – Milken Innovation Center 

1:30 – Infrastructure Finance Part 1: Environment

2:45 – Infrastructure Finance Part 2: Transportation, Water, Waste

4:00 – Conclusion

Thursday, February 21
8:30 am – 11:00 am
King David Hotel, Jerusalem

International Economic Forum

Domestic and International Policy,
Legislation and Initiatives
Keynote Address:
U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman
Senator James Lankford, U.S. Senate
Deputy Minister Michael Oren, Former Ambassador to the United States


8:30 – Registration 
9:00 – Opening comments and Introduction, US-Israel Education Association 
           Regional Development Financing Initiative, Judea Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
                                     Mr David Friedman, US Ambassador to Israel
          Senator James Lankford 
          Israeli and Palestinian Business Leaders
11:00 – Conclusion
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