Judea and Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Judea and Samaria was established in 2017 as a registered non-profit organization in order to coalesce and promote the business community in the region. The Chamber has local, regional, national and international programs.

Business Climate

Judea and Samaria is characterized by a pioneering spirit that leads the Start-up nation state to new heights. The Chamber enriches the business culture in order to encourage investment, professionalism and economic growth.

International Trade

Economic strength is measured by the volume of international trade. The Chamber promotes international business interfaces, thus encouraging exports, investments and transactions with partners throughout the global village.

Integrated Economy

A cohesive and responsible business sector operates from a long-term perspective. The Chamber encourages an economy that benefits all the populations in Judea and Samaria and connects them into an integrated business fabric.

Member Programs

FACE Business Clubs

Under the joint initiative of the Chamber and the Field Entrepreneurship Center in Ariel, the business clubs offer a consistent framework for structured networking, mutual marketing and business development.

Conferences and Events

Sometimes you have to get up from your daily life, freshen up, get exposed to new tools, and become familiar with new business opportunities. The Chamber invests in conferences and events for personal and systematic enrichment.

Business Academy

The Chamber, in cooperation with Ariel University, offers a variety of courses tailored to meet the needs of member business in Judea and Samaria.

Inside a factory in Ariel

Inside the Israeli - Palestinian business dynamic


If you’d like to learn more and see where we can create value through connection, please reach out to us.

Judea Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Derech HaNahshonum 31, Ariel, Israel
Phone: +972-9-7943764
Email: Office@jschamber.org.il

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